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Averil Davies

Fine Art and Illustration


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I am in business with Richard Seaton the cartoonist (Ric)

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Averil Davies...A Short Biography.


I was born in Bedfordshire in 1956 and was brought up in a musical and artistic family.



My father Ronald Finch was a classical composer, and my mother an artist and sculptor.

I began painting at the age of ten when a family friend gave me a box of old oil paints. I began painting anything and everything.


At Dame Alice Harpur School in Bedford I was never out of the art room. I attended Camberwell School of Art – now amalgamated as University of Arts, London. I graduated in 1980 and enjoyed the inspirational teaching of Mary Fedden, Anthony Eyton R.A. and Ben Levine – a tutor from Slade School of Art, and many others influential in the ‘Euston Road School’.

I have travelled widely and carried out numerous commissions – particularly horses, portraits and landscapes, and taught art privately. Over the years I have also enjoyed being asked to draw caricatures because of my love of portraiture.

I was recently lucky enough to meet up with Richard - a friend from 30 years ago and now my partner, who has been cartooning for the past fifteen years. We now share a great inspirational sense of humour and have a fine time coming up with ideas and putting them on paper. We also share a fascination with Permaculture, and are creating a sustainable garden here in Monmouthshire.