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Kassie - 1970

This is a watercolour I painted in 1970. She was the first falcon of many that I trained - a female kestrel that I named Kassie.

I flew her for two years, before successfully hacking her back to the wild in Sheerness, Kent. She continued to thrive and I saw her hunting along the sea wall on quite a few occasions. That was the best part of the whole thing; knowing I had trained her up from birth, flown her and then returned her back to her rightful home. It is impossible to describe the closeness of this bond. It is the nearest thing I have ever experienced to 'being a part of it all'.

My next bird was a Lanner falcon called Sarah. An army friend imported her from Bahrain, and I will put up her portrait at some point plus others, including paintings of two Goshawks I trained in Shropshire in 1974 and 1976. One of my own I brought over from Germany, and another for an estate owner in Shrewsbury. 

If anybody would like to own the originals, or get hold of prints of any of my paintings, please let me know.