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Downland Graphics

A celebration of the British Countryside







This is my newest idea  - a series about a Cro-Magnon shaman who is involved in endless confrontations with his tribe, as he comes up with inventions and neat new ideas to 'move his people on'


They are trenched in fear and tradition and opposed to his every move:   the wheel - fire - advanced hunting techniques...


Here are a few development sketches of the characters...


Phewparts - changed from being too sinister, to a sort of cheeky thug with charisma - loosely and fondly based on a colleague who must remain nameless in case of future royalty claims. 


and a shaman

called ... erm ... Dayman









These little guys will start appearing in Part 5...who are they?



I will be using 'Surviving' as a business theme to attract traffic and promote other things on the internet shortly